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The history of the Multi-Spindle Heads

Multi-Spindle Heads is a new type of porous processing equipment. Because is a new type of product, after the majority of customers widespread, has the following several general valley called: Multi-Spindle Heads, porous, multi-axis drilling machine, multi-axis drill head, multi-axis machine tools, group of drill.

The advantage of Multi-axis machine

Multi-Spindle Heads is mainly used for quick drilling, tapping,chamfering, spot-facing. Is a kind of improving production efficiency, reduce the cost of machine tools. With the auto line development, the competition between suppliers, choosing a high performance, high efficiency of machine tool is the enterprise to reduce the production cost, improve the competitiveness of enterprises an effective way. An ordinary multi-axis drilling machine ( Multi-Spindle Heads /multi-spindle head/multi-axis drilling/group of drill) + a ordinary drilling machine can put a few at a time or even a decade or two holes or threads a one-time processing. Solve many difficult to clamping, the workpiece positioning or no problem.

The use of the multiple spindle unit

Multi-Spindle Heads can be equipped with in normal bench drill, drilling attack dual-use machine, large vertical drilling, power use first-class equipment, we can according to the customer's equipment connection head size, design and manufacture of the corresponding multiaxial the connecting head, and ability to play the original equipment, greatly improve the machining efficiency.

The advantage of multi-axis machine

Multi-Spindle Heads Can be installed on the ordinary drilling machine, drilling attack dual-use machine, power head, installation is very convenient. Very suitable for mass production of the parts, the tolerance between the two holes, generally can be controlled within 0.10, stationary can control within 0.05, the general components of the mounting holes is enough, it is very suitable for parts of the assembly hole drilling and tapping, because the assembly holes in two or more commonly, a a hole processing, the error is big, not easy to assemble, the multi-axis machine processing, the spacing between holes and hole fixed, even if there is a error, because the same error, assembly rise very convenient also. Can say it is a small processing center, use rise more convenient than machining center, the price is much lower.

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