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  • Industrial sales slowed the rising cost is the main reason

       Before 2 months, industrial enterprises above designated size profit yearonyear growth of nearly ten percent, but fell back fullyear growth than the previous year, the main reason has two aspects: one is industrial product sales slowed; The second is the cost per unit and the rising cost.Industrial enterprise financial data of the national bureau of statistics released today shows that 1 to 2 months, the national industrial enterprises above designated size total profit of 779.31 billion yuan, up 9.4% from a year earlier, continue to maintain growth, but growth in the year down 2.8% ov...


    Tags:  industrial enterprises 

  • How to judge the quality of the self-feeding drilling heads

       The selffeeding drilling head is the main parts of special machine tools, production stability of power head is the key. So how to judge the quality of the power head, mainly from the following aspects:First of all, the core shaft power head is the most critical, stop rotating and reciprocating movement, but also by the force of work, so you must use good material, must strengthen the hard processing, otherwise very easy to wear, causes the processing effect of degradation, the power head jitter increases, and can not be processed.The second part, the movement, the general drilling power head ...


    Tags:  power head spindle  self-feeding drilling head  PURROS  power head 

  • The importance of servo tapping machine for drilling tapping devices

       Servo tapping machine is automation equipment vital parts. Spindle and feed for the digital variable speed, depth can be precisely controlled for blind holes, peck crumbs back into the automatic processing, automatic circulation. Cycle time can be set freely. Small size, light weight, easy installation. So many advantages make servo tapping machine for drilling tapping equipment is very important.Servo tapping machine performance:1.  Tapping dedicated, efficient and stable, highvolume lowcost hole processing equipment. Can be equipped with a simple bench, clip forming processing line. Als...


    Tags:  servo tapping machine  drilling  tapping  power head 

  • Arcelor mittal of India steel project in advance

       The world's largest steel mills arcelormittal company has completed the Indian state of karnataka annual capacity of 6 million tons of steel project feasibility report, is expected soon to complete the land allocation, and began to build.In June 2010, arcelor mittal and karnataka signed a memorandum of understanding to build a annual capacity of 6 million tons of steel and 750 mw power plant, is expected to cost $6.5 billion. Currently have accepted 2659 acres of private land ownership, another 136 acres of land owned by the state government will soon be assigned.Arcelor mittal a...


    Tags:  steel project  arcelor mittal of India steel project in advance 

  • Thai car production increased 2% in January, for the first time in 20 months

       In January this year, Thailand's car production in after 20 months of falling for the first time.According to Thai industrial association, according to data from the FTI Thai car production in January rose 2% to 166260 vehicles, in the same period last year to 162652 vehicles. Thanks to Vietnam and other neighboring countries export oriented, driven by rising Thai new car exports rose 14% yearonyear in January to 106278 vehicles.But due to turbulence Thailand's economic environment, the country's domestic market is still weak, the country's new car sales in January fell...


    Tags:  car production  Thailand's economic environment 

  • Excess capacity and trade friction damage to the global steel industry

        The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) has excess capacity and trade friction again issued a warning, saying, excess steel production capacity is harming the global iron and steel industry, the financial index of industrymay be worse than at the end of the 90's global steel during the crisis.OECD said in 2013, the global steel consumption was 16.48 tons, less than the nominal capacity of about 5.16 tons, the difference to the global steel industry history of the highest, and the next few years of excess production capacity will be more serious. 20132017, the...


    Tags:  excess capacity  global steel industry 

  • Guangdong Province to speed up " the machine switch ",One machine two years back

        Machine substitution is the background of the labor shortage and rising labor costs. As a result, the traditional manufacturing populated areas such as zhejiang, guangdong was the first to try to "machine substitution".At the beginning of the New Year in guangdong, in addition to the governor's report, the multiple made departments and local governments are mentioned "machine substitution" in different situations.Late last month, the Dongguan Municipal Government released One Man, this "on the implementation of the" Made in Dongguan 2025 "strategic ...


    Tags:  machine substitution  robot manufacturing enterprises  robot manufacturing enterprises  machine substitution 

  • The working principle of drilling power head

       Drilling power head, is a relatively simple one variable transmission mechanism, a variety of forms, the basic principle is a motor driven gear shift mechanism, can be achieved boring, milling, drilling, and other functions, and some with the guide rail, can be small linear motion, drilling power head is fixed, can not exercise. You can complete the simple processing, general accuracy is not high. Let us say it works drilling power head.Drill in place the limit switch X1 pressure, contact closure. Press the start button X0, MC master Y0 coil is energized instruction and selflocking, th...


    Tags:  Drilling power head  The working principle of drilling power head 

  • China's equipment "go out" will be releasing a new dividend to world economic recovery

        In recent years, with the adjustment of industrial structure, economic strength has increased, the Chinese are getting towards equipment manufacturing powerhouse. Data show that in 2013 the scale of China's equipment manufacturing output exceeded 20 million yuan, accounting for more than onethird of the global share, ranking first in the world. Highend equipment manufacturing industry has more than 10% of the total output value of the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, China in addition to the worldfamous high iron, 4 G communication technology, intelli...


    Tags:  China's equipment manufacturing output engineering machinery  Chinese equipment  Engineering machinery 

  • The high-end intelligent manufacturing or will become the new trend of industrial transformation and upgrading

       Along with the further development of new technologies, new products, in 2015 the pace of industrialization and application of artificial intelligence to promote speed will be faster, smart wear equipment, intelligent household products will be more mature, smart cars, intelligent robots and other highend smart products is expected to become new economic growth point.A few days ago, in the "2015 annual meeting of China's electronic information industry", based on the opportunities and challenges facing the electronic information industry, development focused on the analys...


    Tags:  China's electronic information industry 

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