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Adjustable multi-axis drilling machine lubrication system

 With the widely application of the mechanical equipment, machinery parts demand is also increasing, so a lot of mechanical parts processing factory are in positive to buy equipment, with multi-axis drilling machine and among them the most popular.

Multi-axis device within the scope of the processing, the distance between the number of the spindle, spindle, can adjust, into the number of hole processing to the colleagues at a time. In its hydraulic machine work, can be fast forward, the labor into automatic (back) and retreat quickly, stop, compared to single shaft drill (tapping), workpiece machining precision, fast efficiency, can effectively save the investor of human, material and financial resources. Especially machine tool automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators.
Road, specializing in the production of sales can debug biaxial multi-axis device, three axis multi-axis machine, more than four shaft axis. Under the road, to introduce the adjustable multi-axis drilling machine lubrication system is safe operation adjustable multi-axis drilling machine is very important step.
1, before work must check whether the various parts of the drilling machine operator is normal, with fine cotton to wipe clean and press lubricant brand oil.
2, spud, adjustable multi-axis drilling machine workbench, artifacts, fixture, cutting, must find a positive, tighten. 
3, correct choose spindle speed, feed quantity, not to use overload. 
4, drilling, beyond the workbench workpiece must be smooth. 
5, adjustable multi-axis drilling machine in operation and automatic feed, do not tighten change in speed, if the variable can only be spindle, come to a complete stop.
Cutting and measuring the workpiece 6, loading and unloading, must be carried out in the downtime and artifacts are not allowed to directly with the hand drilling, can not wear gloves operation.
7, work found abnormal noise, must immediately stop drilling machine check troubleshooting. 
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