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China's equipment "go out" will be releasing a new dividend to world economic recovery

 In recent years, with the adjustment of industrial structure, economic strength has increased, the Chinese are getting towards equipment manufacturing powerhouse. Data show that in 2013 the scale of China's equipment manufacturing output exceeded 20 million yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the global share, ranking first in the world. High-end equipment manufacturing industry has more than 10% of the total output value of the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, China in addition to the world-famous high iron, 4 G communication technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment, advanced emerging industries such as rail transportation equipment also get rapid development, arisen in the international competition in the market, and broad prospects.


Thus, China has a strong in the major equipment manufacturing scale, technological advantages, formed a huge spare capacity. How to make the power of domestic economic take-off at the same time, but also global economic interconnectivity, mutually beneficial and win-win, "going out" is the inevitable choice.


As Premier Li Keqiang said, the domestic energy sufficient to provide the world is becoming a major equipment manufacturing base in the world of consumer goods from the production plant and absorb the advantages of the product market countries.


China and Europe, Asian countries are highly complementary, great potential for cooperation, interoperability of huge opportunities in construction. Eastern European countries in the use of port advantage, coupled with China's railway, machinery and equipment, such as production capacity, will help build a huge logistics network, such as China and other four countries together with Serbia to create a continental sea in the fast lane, and Thailand railway cooperation etc., will be a strong impetus to regional and global trade liberalization and facilitation of development. In addition, Chinese companies in infrastructure construction has superior experience and mature technology, engineering machinery, steel and other building materials, quality, cost-effective, in many countries have been highly recognized and warmly welcomed China's participation in Kazakhstan "Bright Road" economic development projects, construction of Belgrade bridge across the Danube is a good illustration.


Brilliant debut in the international equipment manufacturing industry stems from the government has always supported the development of the industry. Last April the State Council executive will clearly require comprehensive measures to support the Chinese equipment, "going out."


China's major equipment can not be ignored, out of the country there are good prospects for development. "Going out" not only enables enterprises to new markets, but also enhance the quality of the international competition in the process, led the front line of innovation in the industry. In the future, China will strengthen economic cooperation with other countries, Chinese equipment, "going out" world economic recovery will also release a new bonus!

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