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China's industrial robot needs a blowout situation, service robots will meet development climax

 China robot industry union 21 in chongqing yongchuan issued the 2014 China industrial robot market statistics. Data show that China has two years in a row as the world's largest industrial robot market, service robots will become China's robot market under a high-speed growth.


China's ministry of industry and information technology equipment department director said here a picture of wood, China's industrial robot needs a blowout situation. China has the world's most complete industry chain, is also the world's largest manufacturing countries. Transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is facing and industrial adjustment, great room to improve robot density. In addition, China's rising labor costs, labor shortages, causing enormous quantity wide manufacturing enterprises there is a desperate need for robots. With the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, robot demand will continue to grow.


China robot industry alliance, according to data from 2014 domestic enterprises in China's total sales of industrial robots, nearly 17000 units, sales rose 76.6% in real terms, sales rose by more than eighty percent of domestic enterprises. Another, according to the international robot federation in 2014 foreign companies sell industrial robots in China total about 40000 units, up 47% from a year earlier. 2014 years the national sales nearly 57000 industrial robots, up 55% from a year earlier, accounts for about a quarter of the total sales in the global market.


Look from the mechanical structure, multi-joint robot is the main model of the Chinese market, sales accounted for more than sixty percent, this part mainly foreign brand sales, domestic enterprise sales mainly coordinate robot. From the application field, nearly sixty percent of domestic industrial robot used in handling and loading areas, welding is the main market of foreign robots. Purchases of foreign robot application is relatively concentrated, the automobile industry is close to half, and 29 domestic robots are widely used to national economy industry types, 67 industries.


China robot industry association secretary-general Song Xiaogang believe that China's huge number of disabled people, the disabled and rehabilitation robots total demand is big, China also for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, disaster relief robot also has a large market. As China's greying, and residents' living standard and consumption level rise ceaselessly, more and more families have the demand of domestic robots. Service robots will grow more than industrial robots, become China robot industry growth momentum.

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