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Countries competing to develop robotics industry

 Robot known as the "Pearl of the top manufacturing crown", its research and development, manufacturing and application level is a measure of an important indicator of the level of development of high-end manufacturing, robotics industry and therefore are highly concerned about the world. In recent years, with the pace of innovation between artificial intelligence technology, digital manufacturing technology and mobile Internet convergence continues to accelerate, the developed countries have to make a strategic plan, to seize the commanding heights of the robotics industry.




The United States developed a framework to revive the manufacturing sector in 2009, in the "Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Programme", the clear requirements through the development of robot revive the US manufacturing sector, and by virtue of the advantages of information network technology, develop a new generation of intelligent robots. Japan's robot technology developed long-term strategy, which as one of the seven key support industries. 2013, Japan established a robot, DC, to invest one billion yen to promote the nursing robots, robot applications relief. South Korea has developed a "smart robot basic plan", in 2011 proposed the "service robot development strategy", in October 2012 issued a "robot future strategic vision 2022", will focus on expanding the Korean robot industry, and support their enterprises to enter the robot Overseas Markets. The EU proposed 2002--2022 EU robot research and application of the roadmap, strategic guidance as EU robot development. It also launched the world's largest civilian robotics research and development programs - "Spark" program, which by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Robotics Association. German government in the "high-tech strategy 2020" proposed "Industry 4.0" strategy, and officially launched at the 2013 Hannover Fair, including smart factories, intelligent production, intelligent logistics. The world's leading robot manufacturers and Internet companies are also stepping up the layout, to seize the commanding heights of the market. Google acquired eight robots in 2013, 2014 and the acquisition of a company related to artificial intelligence.

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