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Drilling Machine classification and the development direction


    Drilling Machine mainly refers to use drill processing hole on the work place of machine tool. Drilling Machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, can drill a hole, blind hole; Replace the special cutter, can bearizing, counter boring, reaming, or tapping and so on processing. During processing work piece doesn't move, let cutter move, the cutter center alignment hole, and make the cutter rotation.

    Drilling Machine has many different kinds, according to the structure can be divided into:

    1, Vertical Drilling Machine: the worktable and spindle box can be vertical movement in the column, used in small and medium-sized work piece.

    2, Bench Drilling Machine: a small Vertical Drilling Machine, the largest hole diameter is 12 ~ 15 mm, installed on the bench table to use, many for manual into the drill, commonly used to machining small holes of work piece.

    3, Horizontal Drilling Machine: spindle horizontal layout, spindle box can be moving the Drilling Machine. Can be more than Vertical Drilling Machine processing efficiency is high, generally surface processing at the same time.

    According to use can be divided into:

    1, Radial Drilling Machine: spindle box can move on the rocker arm, rocker arm rotation and lifting, the work piece is stationary, and is suitable for processing large and heavy and porous artifacts that are widely used in machinery manufacturing.

    2, Deep Hole Drilling Machine: with deep hole drilling and drilling depth is much bigger than the diameter of hole of a specialized machine tool, to facilitate removal chips and avoid machine is too big, generally horizontal layout, regularly have a cooling fluid.

    3, Center Hole Drilling Machine: used for processing the center hole at each end of the shaft parts.

    4, Milling Drilling Machine: The workbench can be lateral movement, drill shaft vertical layout, the Drilling Machine is able to milling.

    In recent years, China has become the world's most active Drilling Machine market, but domestic Drilling Machine high-end market share is still insufficient, Radial Drilling Machine industry structure adjustment and product upgrading is imperative. Powered by scientific and technological innovation, vigorously improve the medium-to-high grade Radial Drilling Machine market competitiveness is the current task of the Drilling Machine industry in China. High speed, high precision, high reliability, composite, intelligent, flexibility, integration and openness are the main direction of Drilling Machine industry.


 Drilling Machine
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  • Rotary drilling rig power head maintenance measures


      Rotating drill mainly in sandy soil, cohesive soil and silty soil layers etc construction, in the bored pile, diaphragm wall, foundation reinforcement etc widely used in a variety of ground foundation construction. Rotary drilling rig power head maintenance measures are respectively replacement of the rotary digging drill power head lubricating oil, inspect and replace power head spline gear oil. 
      Introduce below rotating drilling rig power head maintenance measures steps. I hope to give faithful car to bring some help. 


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  • The development prospects of nano weapons


    Technological progress constantly, weapons development and military in the field of wave upon wave of change, the future battlefield and will be how to earth? Some assumptions, the future will outbreak of the war that can't see both sides of the combat troops on the battlefield, aircraft, tanks and artillery were whirling in the sky fly, the hornets kind of miniature unmanned aerial vehicles and hordes of ants on the ground kind of miniature robot forces that war is like magic in Lilliput war, when ordinary people unable to detect the outcome has been decided.




  • Tapping machine tap classification



        Tap, it is a kind of machining internal thread cutting tool, along axial direction open groove, also called screw tap.

        According to the shape of the tap, can be divided into straight fluted tap, spiral fluted tap and screw tip tap.

        1, straight fluted tap, its commonality is strongest, through hole or blind hole, nonferrous metal or black metal processing, price is the cheapest. But pertinency is poorly, anything can be done, but are not doing the best. It is commonly used in ordinary lathe, drilling machine and Details

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  • The definition and classification of Power Head



        With the rapid development of science and technology and the needs of large-scale industrial production, many professional manufacturers are using multifunctional efficient combined machine tool, this is to ensure that the product can reach a high machining accuracy, low production cost, high labor productivity, etc. effect. Power head is an important power part of combined machine tool, machine performance is good or bad depends on the quality and performance of power head, but in general combined machine tool design,  power  head can only provide the main movement, its feed ...


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