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Electric tapping machine operation and component


    Electric tapping machine is a kind of driving mechanism of various materials processing in internal thread tapping machine, its belongs to the flexible tapping,the marked characteristics are folding arm operation, and overall machine tool rigidity is strong which can suitable for all mechanical manufacturing’s small and medium-sized and large-sized tapping requirements.

    Electric tapping machine drive gear in a rapid inversion device is a kind of machining internal thread of power tools. Electric tapping machine power supply is connected and turned on the power controller, tapping speed have been set, press forward, servo motor torque and speed output voltage signal can be converted to tapping, tapping the bottom press the reverse button back wire. This is the electric tapping machine of simple operation, the operating personnel is very easy to use, and tapping precision is very high.

    Of course, electric tapping machine structure also is not very complex, it is mainly composed of the following points.

    1. Servo motor, used in the voltage signal and the torque between the rotational speed conversion and control.

    2. Controller: power supply control and torque overload protection.

    3. Display screen: control and adjust the rotate speed of forward and backward.

    4. Tap torque protection chuck: adjust the chuck torque size, if tapping the bottom of the blind hole more than its distance, will be slip protection.

    5. Support: can be adjusted up and down, as long as the operating radius range can be tapped at any position.


Electric Tapping Machine

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