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Guangdong Province to speed up " the machine switch ",One machine two years back

 Machine substitution is the background of the labor shortage and rising labor costs. As a result, the traditional manufacturing populated areas such as zhejiang, guangdong was the first to try to "machine substitution".


At the beginning of the New Year in guangdong, in addition to the governor's report, the multiple made departments and local governments are mentioned "machine substitution" in different situations.


Late last month, the Dongguan Municipal Government released One Man, this "on the implementation of the" Made in Dongguan 2025 "strategic advice" in official documents made 43 strategic initiatives, of which the first is: Accelerated open "machine substitutions," the era. Since 2014, in Dongguan city government decided to come up with 200 million yuan annually to support enterprises "machine substitutions." Foshan Shunde also introduced incentives.


On February 9, guangdong people's political consultative conference held in order to "develop the advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industry" as the theme of the symposium, the letter committee of guangdong province, departments and other departments in charge of per capita referred to the government to promote "machine substitution" of specific measures.


By letter committee of guangdong province in technical innovation and quality yue-qin wang said that this year, guangdong to patch measures to push through award for three consecutive years enterprises in the pearl river delta "machine substitution", this year's goal is to 600 companies. Specific measures, in accordance with the enterprise contracts can buy robot, denying to 10% ~ 20% of the payment. For equipment update also corresponding repair measures have some awards.


"Intelligent manufacturing is the main attack direction in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing." Yue-qin wang, according to the state council was preparing to "2025 plan" made in China, the issuance of the corresponding, guangdong is also mulling the intelligent manufacturing 10 year plan "of guangdong province.


The relevant person in charge of the departments also said the government would intensify efforts to support a new round of technological transformation, through equity investment, fund investment, interest and promote intelligent transformation.


The guangdong local robot manufacturing enterprises or good will benefit from the policy. Guangzhou machinery research institute co., LTD., chairman of the qing dynasty, said the company expects to sell 4000 ~ 5000 robot, in 2014, that number is 2800.


In an interview with our reporter, who focused on the benefits of the "substitution" machine: the machine can liberation of labor, such as "stamping" safety accident, often use the robot to be both safe and can improve the efficiency. Common and injection take robot, such as front bumper, note out temperature is very high, used to be one or two workers wear gloves, robot can complete the process, now the price from ten to two thousands.


The advantage of the "machine substitution" everyone knows that. But for the enterprise, the most concern is: compared with the artificial, expensive machines when will it be back?


Who told reporters, the "first financial daily" back to the long time short-sighted industry and the scale of production. In the common manufacturing technology, such as stamping, plastic injection, generally two years can back to this. Some of the most simple machine, such as the company's cheapest stamping machine to sell 50000 yuan, the year can be back to this.


Deciding to make "machine Substitution" is not easy. Guangdong beautiful ceramic Group, for example, in 2007 the Group intends to spend more than 400 million yuan to introduce seven sets of automation equipment, has been part of the group opposed to the middle, that "a machine at least ten million, as many as five or six $ 100,000 reduction from a few people does not pay. "


Even companies willing to spend money to buy advanced machines, between machines and people also need to run. Money in the purchase of the production line at the newly opened will always be problems, serious overhaul to stop the line. Production line even from "automatic" fight back "all want their move," the original state. Moreover, the robot control coding for workers, almost "bible", the run-time of up to six months.

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