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How to choose a good punching machine?


    Punching machine work principle is the pressure of material infliction, make its plastic deformation, to get the required shape and precision. But must match a set of mould (divide into upper die and lower die), put material on the middle, by pressure on the machine, make its deformation, so as to get the required product.

    Punching machine production mainly aims at board. Through the mould, it can make the blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, reshaping, riveting and extrusion etc. process. Widely applied in various fields, such as in life common switch socket, cup, kitchen cupboard, dish, computer case, etc. are from punching machine by mould produced.

    So how to choose good punching machine, and what kind of punching machine production factory is the most ideal choice?

    1, punching machine processing method and project: when choose punching machine, should first consider whether or not the processing method is appropriate for the product, and must be properly processing project number.

    2, punching machine speed: first consider what quantity of production want to achieve, and then according to the transmission structure to select processing efficiency different punching machine, because punching machine cannot use limit, otherwise it will make the mould and other tools wear. According to the punching machine production speed can be divided into manual, high-speed, very high-speed punching machine. Of course, different kinds of punching machine, the price will be different.

    3, punching machine precision: main performance in the parallel degree, vertical degree, the total clearance. High precision punching machine can not only produce good products, but also small damage to the mold. It not only save the mold maintenance time but also save maintenance expense.

    4, good manufacturer the most essential factor is a good service attitude, among them that after-sale maintenance includes response speed, maintenance speed and repair cost. To understand oneself buy punching machine manufacturer whether or not has after-sale service point in local, if when punching machine occur problems in a timely visit to treat problems. But if when you buy punching machine is cheap, after-sale maintenance cost is too high, the choice of buy this punching machine is absolutely not wise.

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