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How to judge the quality of the self-feeding drilling heads

The self-feeding drilling head is the main parts of special machine tools, production stability of power head is the key. So how to judge the quality of the power head, mainly from the following aspects:


First of all, the core shaft power head is the most critical, stop rotating and reciprocating movement, but also by the force of work, so you must use good material, must strengthen the hard processing, otherwise very easy to wear, causes the processing effect of degradation, the power head jitter increases, and can not be processed.


The second part, the movement, the general drilling power head cylinder, cylinder and screw rod, mainly is the reciprocating motion of the core shaft is mainly bear, seal better.


Third, the bearing part, is directly sheathed on the core shaft periphery, when the core shaft reciprocating motion, also need to rotate, bearing work pressure is also very big, have very good quality.


Fourth, pulley group of good quality, the effect will be relatively stable, is not easy to swing, the driving force of the strong.


Fifth, housing, production is mainly when the structure compact, the gap is too large, prone to error.


Finally, when did not install the handle, beating power head spindle is the key precision power head, run out error of power head are generally within 0.5 wire. So it has a great influence on the dynamic head handle processing. Heat treatment of a handle, standard size, holding ability all have effects on the workpiece, the wear degree also has the very big difference. So in the choice of power head, also want to pay attention to the choice of the knife handle.


Taizhou PURROS Machinery Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of self-feeding drilling head, especially PURROS self-feeding drilling head series of products won the national patents, sales of the be way ahead. Welcome customers to come to the consultation purchase!

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