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How to judge the tool chuck quality is good or bad?


    Tool chuck in a variety of cutting tool and machining center spindle provide connection standard. High precision tool chuck difference also depends on the manufacturing tolerance, qualified frock clamp chuck and waste distinguish is often lie in critical size microscopic difference. Tool chuck can be used in drill head, machine tool, drilling machine. So how to judge tool chuck quality is good or bad? You can judge according to the following four.


    Cutter axis rotary must be precision consistent with the machine tool spindle rotary axis. Although implementation seemingly perfect method of concentricity is very clear, but also very complex. Even if the spindle fitment chaos problem resolved soon, problem will steer business terminal of tool chuck.

    Clamping strength

    Clamping force is the ability to prevent the cutting tool rotation in the chuck. Use jacket is the main reason of cause clamping force change. Single Angle jacket can put greater clamping force, and can ensure good concentricity. To make composed of collet, jacket and tool components can get as much as possible good concentricity, must adopt special measuring tool or high precision cutting tool presetters to measure the concentricity. In order to get the best combination of clamping force and the concentricity, should adopt hydraulic chuck or hot shrinkage chuck, so that we can not use the jacket.


    Each processed products have tolerance, is mainly used to measure the size of manufacturing variation, the change is smaller, the tolerance is tighter.


    Tool chuck imbalance is usually derived from the functional design, such as end milling chuck locking screw or CAT chuck drive slot depth is unequal. But due to many reasons, the unbalance produce is often random. No matter what imbalance comes from where, all need to remove part of the material, in order to eliminate unbalance, correction effect. Another solution is to use an adjustable balance tool chuck, can be adjusted by the radial screw or balance ring to eliminate the imbalance. In this case, we need to determine the size and location of the tool chuck imbalance, and this will need to use the complex balance detector.

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