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How to prolong the service life of multi-axis drilling machine drill head?


    Multi-axis drilling machine in the drilling automobile and motorcycle accessories, reducer fittings, machine fittings, cylinder etc. porous type of mechanical part have a very wide application, can greatly improve the efficiency of the drilling, tapping, save the labor intensity, save manpower material resources. Drill head as wearing part, a great many loss, so how to prolong the service life of multi-axis drilling machine drill head?

    From the angle of the drill head, should pay attention to the items are:

    1. The drill head should be installed in special packing box, avoid vibration collide each other.

    2. When use multi-axis drill head, take out from packing box drill head should immediately install main shaft spring clamp head or automatically change drill head of the cutter library. Run out immediately put back into the packing box.

    3. If the drill head abrades, and abrade diameter decreases 2% compared with the original, so destroyed.

    4. Drill head timely regrinding, can increase the use and the number of regrinding of drill head, extend the service life and reduce production cost and fee. Turn grinding too much, drilling quality and the accuracy will decrease, causes the product's scrap circuit boards.

    5. To usually check the concentricity of the spindle and the spring chuck and clamping force of the spring chuck, concentricity is bad can lead to small diameter drill head breaking of a rod and big aperture, etc. situations, the clamping force is bad can lead to actual speed and setting up the speed does not conform, between chuck and drill head slippage.

    From the angle of multi-axis drilling machine, should pay attention to the items are:

    1. Drilling machine dust absorption effect is better, absorption wind can lower the temperature in the drill head, take away the dust at the same time reduce the friction.

    2. Always check the multi-axis drilling machine spindle presser foot. Presser foot contact surface horizontal and vertical spindle, can not shake, to prevent the breaking of a rod and slant hole drilling.

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