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Industrial sales slowed the rising cost is the main reason

Before 2 months, industrial enterprises above designated size profit year-on-year growth of nearly ten percent, but fell back full-year growth than the previous year, the main reason has two aspects: one is industrial product sales slowed; The second is the cost per unit and the rising cost.


Industrial enterprise financial data of the national bureau of statistics released today shows that 1 to 2 months, the national industrial enterprises above designated size total profit of 779.31 billion yuan, up 9.4% from a year earlier, continue to maintain growth, but growth in the year down 2.8% over the previous year.


From the enterprise type, 1 to 2 months, in the industrial enterprises above designated size, state-owned and state holding enterprises total profit of 216.87 billion yuan, fell 0.2% year on year; Collective enterprise total profit of 10.68 billion yuan, up by 4.8%; Joint-stock enterprise total profit of 445.63 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9%.


National bureau of statistics (NBS) industry, said Dr SiHePing dropped profit growth is the main reason for the industrial products sales slowed. 1 to 2 months above designated size industrial enterprises advocate business wu income grew by 8% year on year, growth in the year fell 3.2% from the previous year, the enterprise scale down. The second is the cost per unit and the rising cost. 1 to 2 months, every one hundred yuan of cost of main business income is 85.18 yuan, 0.72 yuan rose; Every one hundred yuan during the main business income of the total of 7.57 yuan, rose to 0.16 yuan.


He ping said that while the overall profit growth fell back, but most of the industry profit growth. In 41 industry categories, 29 industry profit year-on-year growth, industry growth of 70.7%. Can be seen from the financial data and corporate earnings level basically stable. In the unit cost, unit costs rose, profit margins rose's main reason is that enterprises operating outside the net income and investment income rose more.

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