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Intelligent Production for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 era, with comprehensive information technology penetration to manufacturing, can realize high flexible configuration factors of production and mass customization production, thus breaking the traditional production process, production patterns and management.

The future is the era of intelligent networked production, not only a single factory, but will build through networking between enterprises from a number of factories virtual manufacturing system to provide comprehensive support for the intelligent production. The standardized, modular and digital design, is the premise of intelligent production.

German auto industry has been the first to introduce the concept of low-cost customization, product design and implement standardization and modularity, manufacturing to achieve a comprehensive information and depth of automation, basically reached the intelligent production, intelligent assembly, intelligent logistics and intelligent supply chain management ʱ??
BMW 3 Series, for example, share the same production line, most of the hardware from 325i to 335i models of the engine is more than common, but by matching the different electronic control and software products to achieve product diversification engine, this low costs, the core foundation of customized production that is standardized. For this reason, BMW can not change the tact of the premise, to achieve each offline models can meet the market demand for mass customization, that every BMW is custom produced according to custom.

Industry 4.0 era manufacturing companies no longer a top-down push production, but starting from the customer needs, achieve orders, customers design, procurement, logistics, production planning and production of the whole process to pull production, and through the integration of the achievement of the actual situation part of the interconnection. This efficient and flexible way of stimulating production also represents the future direction of manufacturing.

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