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Japanese machinery orders fell, non-manufacturing decline significantly

 On April 13, the cabinet office released in February 2015, "in addition to the ship and power of folk demand" of machinery orders (seasonally adjusted) for 835.6 billion yen (RMB 43.1 billion), down 0.4% compared with January, 2 consecutive months quarter-on-quarter decline, but reduced the 1.3% decline. Among them, from the manufacturing of machinery orders fell is significant.


Japanese machinery orders, is provided according to Japan's 280 machinery manufacturing enterprise of the production equipment with mechanical products accrued orders, booking after six months of mechanical products are adopted by enterprises, thus calculated into enterprise equipment investment. As a result, Japanese machinery orders statistics can be seen as the leading indicator of business investment in equipment.


The nikkei QUICK had predicted the Japanese machinery orders fell 1.5% in February, visible actual drop well below expectations. According to the current machinery orders, the cabinet office to Japanese machinery orders sentiment remained as "signs of a slow recovery.


In February 2015, Japan's main 280 machinery manufacturing enterprises obtain from manufacturing machinery orders for 355.2 billion yen, rose 0.9% (in January dropped 11.3%), quarter-on-quarter rise again after 2 months. From among them, food manufacturing, paper industry, non-ferrous metal machinery orders rose, but from petroleum products, shipbuilding industry and general machinery orders fell.


In February, on the other hand, from the manufacturing of the Japanese machinery orders for 476.9 billion yen, fell 3.6%, after 4 months again slipped. Mainly from agriculture, forestry and fisheries of agricultural machinery, railway vehicle from the postal transportation orders decline significantly.


February data also concluded that at the same time, the public construction and external demand, total amount of Japanese machinery orders totaling 2.4745 trillion yen, dropped 1.4%. Among them, the public construction machinery orders for 270.6 billion yen, rose sharply by 21.9%; 1.0703 trillion yen, is the external demand of machinery orders rose 8.0%.

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