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Machinery related to common sense


    Machinery factory is made of raw material storage, blank production workshop, metalworking workshop, heat treatment workshop, assembly workshop, paint workshop, shipping department, etc. A good machinery factory has not only good equipment and environment, but also should have excellent staff, precision mechanical product production, so that the factory can get greater benefit.

    Mechanical product production process: from raw material to the mechanical product leave factory all labor process, which include blank manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, assembly, inspection, test, paint and other major labor process, also including all kinds of auxiliary labor process.

    Screw cover, also known as thread sheath, thread wire, steel wire screw cover, is a new type of threaded fastener, can be embedded in a metal or non screw sheath on metal material, form high strength, wear resistance, interchangeable standard internal thread, can also be used for repair wear or damage internal thread hole. Such as the technical process of a screw cover:

    1, blanking, it is in sawing machine.

    2, stitching, it is in lathe clamping one part, flat end face and outside circle, drill to a certain size and depth. Turned around, use fixture has been processed cylindrical, cut off. The other end, keep length; Boring bore to the root; Stitching internal thread; Chamfering.

    3, drill, in drilling machine drills thread bottom hole on cylinder, tapping threaded hole.

    4, pliers, in pliers bench use special tap to tapping burr.

    5, test, in the checkout room inspection on semi-finished product of chemical and physical properties, etc.

    6, surface treatment, it is in the electroplating workshop to deal with screw cover surface, make the screw cover more beautiful.

    Screw cover can be used for aluminum, magnesium, wood, plastic, rubber and so on easy to deformation low strength and soft materials, avoid slippery silk, take off silk, wrong tooth etc. phenomenon, increase the connection intensity; Can be used to require a strong connection and cannot increase the screw hole diameter thin body part, increase the force area; Can be used in ceramic, bakelite, glass and other hard brittle fragile connection fastening, improve the connection condition, effectively prevent rupture phenomenon; Often can be used to swirl screw hole, to prevent thread wear and prolong its service life; Also can be used in the chemical machinery, ship, vehicle, mining machinery and other equipment, to prevent bolt long-term in humid environment occur corrosion rust joint phenomenon, convenient for maintenance, disassembly, etc.

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