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Multi-axis machine main application

  Abstract: Porous multi-axis machine is widely used in machinery industry parts of the drilling and tapping processing. According to its shape can be divided into: U multi-axis device, T multi-axis device and A multi-axis device. 
  Multi-axis machine is widely used in the porous parts of drilling and tapping processing machinery industry. Such as cars , motorcycles porous parts : engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, wheel hub, differential shell, shaft head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on. Porous drill within the scope of the processing, the distance between the numbers of the spindle, the spindle, can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. In its hydraulic machine work, can be fast forward, the labor into automatic (back) and retreat quickly, stop, compared to single shaft drill (tapping), workpiece machining precision, fast efficiency, can effectively save the investor of human, material and financial resources. Especially machine tool automation greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. In addition to use conventional products, also according to the customer's specific requirements for special designs. 
  According to its shape can be divided into: U multi-axis, U multi-axis device, T multi-axis device and A multi-axis device. U multi-axis device: pitch in the case of a straight line or rectangular please use square universal multi-axis device, in order to avoid the displacement of the foot extension is too long that stress is not enough. Use the same as the circular. T multi-axis device can be used as drilling, tapping dual-use, lightweight, easy to operate and not occupy a space. A multi-axis device adjustable multi-axis device by using elastic collet type, therefore, adjust the distance be narrowed, adjustable to 18 mm, between the two shaft for processing small distance. 
Multi-axis device application, Multi-axis device classification, Porous drill, Machine tools automation

Tags:  Multi-axis device application Multi-axis device classification Porous drill Machine tools automation 

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