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Numerical control equipment replaces ordinary equipment position


    Milling head, which is installed on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, is used to drive the milling cutter rotation machine tool attachment. It is the main component of machine tool equipment.

    According to the different milling cutting direction, milling head can be divided into vertical milling, transverse milling, horizontal milling, reverse horizontal milling, etc.

    Ordinary machine tool can be divided into milling machine, lathe and drilling machine. These equipments through the technical worker operating the hand wheel moving knife rest make the cutter along the right direction to the part processed by position. Among them, the milling machine refers to mainly use milling cutter in the work piece processing all kinds of surfaces’ machine tools. It can processing flat, grooved, various surface, gear, etc., are widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair department.

    But relatively speaking, ordinary equipment processing efficiency is lower, cost is higher. Therefore, numerical control equipment has gradually or completely replaces ordinary equipment in many fields, different from ordinary machine tool, numerical control machine tool processing part processes fully automatically proceed, and worker cannot intervene in the processing course.

    Such as numerical control milling machine for drilling, boring, thread tapping, contour milling, milling plane, plane cavity milling and space three-dimensional complicated surface milling. Machining centre, flexible manufacturing cell is being and developing on the basis of the numerical control milling machine, the main processing method is also milling processing way.

    And according to the classification of ordinary milling machine, numerical control milling machine can be divided into numerical control vertical milling machine, the spindle axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the most widely application scope; Horizontal numerical control milling machine, the spindle axis parallel to the horizontal plane; Vertical horizontal dual conversion milling machine, the spindle can transform, can be in the same numerical control milling machine for vertical and horizontal machining, with a vertical, horizontal numerical control milling bed function.

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