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Oil atomizer classification and principle


    Oil atomizer is a kind of machining accuracy is very high precision component, it is equal to the solenoid valve, energized the electromagnetic coil to produce electromagnetic force, the armature and the needle valve, oil atomizer open, gasoline injection hole injection into the inlet or inlet pipe; when power loss electromagnetic force disappears, armature and needle valve under the return spring will close spray hole, oil atomizer stops injector.

    Oil atomizer according to the oil nozzle structure can be divided into shaft pin type and cellular type. Shaft pin type electromagnetic oil atomizer injector the armature drive the needle valve seat surface from its rise is about 0.1 mm, fuel oil spewing from the precision gap. To make fuel atomization, needle valve front end grinding out a fuel injection needle. And cellular type oil atomizer is widely used in the direct injection combustion chamber of the engine. Each hole can jet taper angle is not big, long range pocket of oil. hole count, hole size and hole wall thickness has an effect on the spray characteristic.

    According to the type of valve can be divided into the ball valve type electromagnetic oil atomizer, flap valve type electromagnetic oil atomizer. Ball valve of the valve needle quality light, spring pretightening force is big, can obtain more broad dynamic flow range. Ball valve has automatic centering effect, good sealing, is contribute to improve the fuel injection quantity accuracy. Flap valve type and cellular type valve seat with magnetic fuel injector optimization, make the fuel injector is not only a larger dynamic flow range, and anti-clogging and strong ability to resist pollution.

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