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Oil atomizer common fault and maintenance


    Oil atomizer common failure roughly divided into mechanical failure and circuit failure. Mechanical failure includes injector quantity disorder, bad atomizing, oil atomizer valve core clamping stagnation, oil atomizer clogging and leak, etc. Effect of engine operating at high temperature, and gas contained in the material will gradually attached in the end of the oil atomizer tiny orifice cause oil atomizer clogging, affects the normal gasoline through and atomization. In addition, inferior gasoline contains moisture is easy to make the oil atomizer needle valve corrosion, lead to clamping stagnation, causes by oil atomizer oil leak or not spray oil, etc. faults.

    Moreover circuit fault includes electromagnetic coil aging or short circuit, open circuit, the oil atomizer control circuit contact undesirable, computer internal fault will cause oil atomizer don’t injector.

    If the oil atomizer happens failure: will cause the engine not starting or starting difficulty, powered lowering, speed slow, easy to flameout and exhaust smoke is black, etc. So often on the oil atomizer for maintenance and prolong service life.

    Avoid oil atomizer mechanical fault maintenance: oil atomizer work for a period of time should check and adjust one time. If open pressure is lower than specified value or needle valve carbon deposition serious, should be discharged out of the needle valve strike off carbon deposition, with a thin wire to clear the nozzle, after reinstall carry through debugging. In order to make oil atomizer injector oil to cylinder internal can timely complete combustion, must check the supply oil time of oil pump. If oil supply time is too early, engine will appear difficulty starting and knock cylinder faults; If oil supply time is too late, can lead to exhaust smoke is black, machine temperature is too high, fuel consumption increase, etc.

    Avoid oil atomizer circuit fault maintenance: should be diligent in the electromagnetic coil, computer internal structure should also regularly check, when found the problem solve in time, lest cause unnecessary loss.

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