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Our multi axis tapping machine industry in the next five years will maintain steady growth

The development of China's machine tool industry lags behind the automobile and engineering machinery and other industries, while the machine is the equipment manufacturing industry of machine tools, in order to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, to promote the machine tool industry. The CNC system and functional components of large precision high-speed CNC equipment, is China's "eleven five" during the equipment manufacturing industry focus on the development of the industry. From the type of machine used for shipping, national defense and military industry, large and heavy machine tool demand will increase; from product quality point of view, the domestic high-end CNC machine tools, machining center demand will increase significantly, the low-grade, ordinary machine tool demand will tend to smooth.


The next five years, the machine tool industry is expected to maintain steady growth rate of 15%. Among them, the domestic machine tool numerical control rate and the domestic market share of CNC machine tool growth rate will be around 30%; import substitution effect will gradually appear in the middle of CNC machine tools; but the high-end CNC machine tool technology is difficult to surpass Germany and Japan, the high-end market is difficult to shake; China's high-end CNC machine tools in technology with foreign similar products to the price advantage is obvious, the proportion of exports will also increase year by year.


At present in the CNC machine tool enterprises in the product design level, quality, performance and other aspects of accuracy, compared with foreign advanced level behind the 5~10 years; in the sophisticated technology gap reached 10~15. At the same time, our ability in the application of technology and integration technology is still relatively low, study the relevant technical norms and standards lag behind relatively, domestic CNC machine tools has not formed brand effect, it needs further innovation and integration of industry.

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