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Power head multi-spindle head manufacturer

 Multi-spindle head commonly known as long drill, multiple spindle head appeared in Europe in the 1960 s, mainly aimed at the local market, after the gradual development to all over the world. Multi-spindle head starts late in our country, but as a result of multiple spindle head design, processing is simple, nearly two years developing very quickly.

Multiple spindle head is composed of two or more than two main shaft, through internal gear transmission power or universal joint, bearing, realizes the output shaft. Multi-spindle head can achieve: drilling, tapping, milling surface, through the multiple spindle head only one time can complete several or a dozen drilling and tapping. There are designed specifically for use on the machining center multi-spindle head, can implement automatic cutter replacement arm by ATC removable nipple.
As the information technology revolution, some of the machinery manufacturing industry in Zhejiang coastal areas is gradually expanding and developing. Taizhou road machinery co., LTD., located in taizhou, the company is specialized in customized various multi-axis device. Can be customized according to your product corresponding multiaxial, unlimited number of shaft, the pitch of unlimited, can be used for drilling, tapping. Greatly improve the production efficiency.
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