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Principle and characteristic of pneumatic press


    In order to achieve the purpose of punching, pneumatic press using high-pressure air compressor, through the compressed gas transmission pipeline to electromagnetic valve, through double push button switch or pedal switch electromagnetic valve action to control the cylinder and return to work. Cylinder as a working part, solenoid valve as a control element, make the pneumatic press structure is more simple, high safety, low failure rate, high production efficiency, low maintenance cost and easy operation.

    1, take compressed air as power source, simple structure, simple operation, high efficiency and long service life.

    2, There is no noise and pollution of the environment generated by oil hydraulic system, can save power consumption so as to reduce the production cost.

    3, can be arbitrary adjust the height, speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time, because different products and moulds have different require.

    4, adjustable cylinder stroke, the special tour and the column height can be customized.

    5, there are air pressure regulating valve, how much pressure need, can be transferred to immediately, operation is very simple.

    6, high precision, adjust high speed precision cutting, equipped with a resistance to rotation guide rod, guide plate.

    7, comfortable operation, can choose double push button switch or pedal switch. Humanistic consideration, ensure the safety of operating personnel, suitable for long-term work.

    8, is equipped with a control cylinder, can achieve rapid decline in function, but the machine action is very smooth.

    9, multifunctional purposes, applicable to the thrusting, punching, bending, printing, perforating, pressure assembly, extruding, axis pressed in, riveting etc.


Pneumatic Press
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