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Radial drilling machine disassembly should pay attention to order

  Abstract: Radial drilling machine for the mechanical processing industry, large and heavy workpieces holes, it plays a big role, give the machinery industry has brought great convenience. 
  For the processing of large and heavy holes on the workpiece, radial drilling machine plays a big role; give the machinery industry has brought great convenience. Radial drilling arm can swing around the column rotation and lift. It is the difference between vertical drilling spindles is spindle can easily adjust the position in the horizontal plane, cutting tool alignment processing hole axis, and the workpiece is stationary. Today we have to know is that the radial drilling machine on the Pay attention to matters:  
(1) Cut off the power; remove all motors and electrical components. 
(2) From the rocker arm right ends to remove the spindle box. 
(3) The rocker arm bearing good or hanging stability, remove the lifting mechanism.  
(4) Hanging out of the rocker arm. 
(5) Hanging out the outer column. 
(6) Remove from the base within the inner column. 
(7) Remove the base (such as in situ repair or not need planing processing via the surface, cannot remove the base).
Above is PURROS to introduce radial drilling machine on the demolition order, hope every user can attach importance to it. 
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