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Role of different materials buffers in crane

  Abstract: Crane buffers is an important safety protection device of a crane, the protective effect of buffer itself, service life and other technical parameters can directly influence the crane safe operation. Commonly used buffer have the rubber type, polyurethane type, spring type, hydraulic type, and other institutions, each have advantages and disadvantages. 


  Crane buffer in the hoisting machinery equipment, which belongs to a safety protective device, is installed in orbit on the device security components. Buffer function is the equipment in the running process, absorbs the impact force produced by the impact, so as to effectively protect and mitigate the impact caused by equipment damage. Therefore the buffer manufacture and use have strict regulations and restrictions. 

First, Entity buffer 
1, Rubber buffer: the buffer structure is simple, but it can absorb less energy and is commonly used in crane running speed is not more than 50 / min, major played a blocking role. 
2, Polyurethane buffer: polyurethane foam cushion absorbed energy, good buffer performance, oil resistance, aging resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, insulation, explosion-proof, relative density and pediatrics is light, simple structure, low price, no noise, no spark, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, etc. Therefore, the international community has widely adopted, on the general crane, can replace rubber and spring buffer, at the explosion sites more worthy of promotion. 
Second, Spring buffer
Spring buffer is mainly by the meet, springs and shell composition. Its characteristics are relatively simple mechanism to use reliable. When the crane hit the spring buffering, its energy is converted into a compressed energy of spring. Improved with check spring institutions spring buffers, can prevent a rebound. 
Third, Hydraulic buffer
When buffer by collision, kinetic energy after the plug head and accelerate the spring to the piston, the movement to the right. The original buffer work chamber is equipped with a reset spring, plunger, and the oil. Piston movement extrusion working chamber of the oil, make its reset spring compression, while making the oil from the annular space between the piston and the plunger extrusion, into the oil storage chamber. At the beginning of the piston movement, due to large and annular space between the push rod, the oil is easy to be squeeze out; In the piston continues to exercise, the annular space are getting smaller and smaller, the piston resistance increasing, to stem the cylindrical phase, annular clearance for difficult can tell, the resistance is also stable in maximum. Buffer is compressed is through the process of squeezing oil piston the process of doing work. The process consumes a large amount of kinetic energy, play a buffer role. When work is finished, the piston return spring is pushed to the original location, to complete a working cycle. 
Crane buffer role, Advantages of buffer, Rubber shock absorber, Spring buffer, Hydraulic shock absorber

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