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Rotary drilling rig power head maintenance measures

  Rotating drill mainly in sandy soil, cohesive soil and silty soil layers etc construction, in the bored pile, diaphragm wall, foundation reinforcement etc widely used in a variety of ground foundation construction. Rotary drilling rig power head maintenance measures are respectively replacement of the rotary digging drill power head lubricating oil, inspect and replace power head spline gear oil. 
  Introduce below rotating drilling rig power head maintenance measures steps. I hope to give faithful car to bring some help. 
1, often through the gearbox hole cover transparent glass to check the height of the gear in the lubricating oil, the oil level of guarantee from an altitude of no less than eight hole glass two-thirds of the vertical height. 
2, change gear oils, power head first gear oil drain plug is easy to operate and to lower the position of the discharge of oil. 
3, Remove the plug screw and Oil lever plug, Let the power head gear oil discharged into a suitable container, emissions can be appropriately in the process of turning slowly power head gear, so that the oil drain net and exhaust pollutant, but at the moment, should pay attention to safety, gear rotates the relevant personnel should be away from the scene. 
4, check the plug screws and seals. Look is intact, if there is an obvious worn or damaged, it should be replaced with a new part. 
5, Oil discharge is complete, mount the plug screw. 
6, unscrew the power head accumulator hydraulic hose connectors, pay attention to protect the purity of the joint, through the joint hole to gear box filling lubricating oil, by sight hole of glass observe the oil level height, to more than two thirds the height of the glass, but also can't fill it up with, if fill up will cause the power head seal leak, the hydraulic oil or water into the gear box, it may pollute the gear box. 
7, after the above steps, tighten the step 5 hose connector, plug oil surface, the tightening torque reference appendix. 
8, start the engine and let the power headgear running laps. 
9, stop the engine, check whether the oil level height is depending on the hole above the height of glass two-thirds. 
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