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Self-feeding drilling heads of energy efficient technology

Self-feeding drilling heads for high speed, high precision requirements and design. Small size, high rigidity, high performance, and has superior durability of. With the need for rapid development of science and technology and large-scale industrial production, the use of special equipment drilling head into a modern high-speed assembly line machines, in many industries has become a guarantee precision products, reduce production costs, increase labor productivity and corporate competitiveness one of the key measures force.

Drilling head is a highly efficient drilling equipment, installation angle unrestricted, automatic feed a worker can simultaneously control multiple stations. It is to reduce production costs and improve the efficiency of the new drilling equipment. It can be equipped with
multi-spindle drilling heads higher efficiency.


Self-feeding drilling heads'  features:

1. High-precision: Play a drill heads the core technology, completely reinforced the versatility of the unit, so that high accuracy can be extremely reflected the power head.

2. High rigidity: Axial rail structure to significantly improve the rigidity of the whole, and fully guarantee the stability of the hole machining.

3. High performance: spindle nose has a unique double seal structure and ease of installation flexibility round the body, and can meet the requirements of diverse hole machining.

The cost of new environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment is with the size of the industry and technological advances decreased rapidly. Cost reduction, drilling head investors are more willing to buy affordable, reliable green energy equipment put into operation as the preferred device. Based on this, green energy equipment increasingly showing cost advantages.



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