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Servo power head of the two ways of working

Abstract: Servo power head can be divided into two kinds of power head: full servo power head and single servo power head. Their common characteristic is the stroke length, can free control, feed stable, high processing efficiency. 


Servo power head is mainly divided into two kinds: full servo power head and single servo power head. Two kinds of power head have one thing in common, is free to control stroke length, feed stable, high processing efficiency. Below we introduce these two kinds of power head: 
Full servo power heads work, can drill, and can also be tapping. Its main composition is stroke feed and spindle rotary, is servo motor control,, speed regulation and stroke feed can freely control, apply to fully automatic machine tools, large-scale machining center, CNC numerical control center, connecting the PLC control system, the effect is good, strong technical support. The operation is simple, powerful. Stroke feed using ball screw, positioning precise, feed speed, high efficiency. Spindle rotation, servo control, can be directly PLC to adjust speed, simple and convenient, applicable to all kinds of workpiece machining.  
Single Servo power head is mainly used servo motor and ball screw control, spindle rotation adopts AC motor, workpiece processing, stroke length control, stable feeding, feed force is strong, main applications drilling. Spindle rotation, applicable belt pulley adjusts speed, little change in speed, easy installation, can be connected to a large processing center, CNC Lathe, CNC numerical control center.  
Servo power head working manner, Full servo power head application, Single servo power head constitute, Servo power head advantage

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