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South Korea's coal imports increased by 2.1% in September

 October 15th, south Korean customs released data show that in September, South Korea imported 9.46 million tons of coal, 2014 tons of year-on-year growth of 2.07% over the same period in 2014. The thermal coal 6.84 million tons, 6.64 million tons of year-on-year growth of 3.11% from a year earlier.


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  • The Principle of hydraulic damper


     Hydraulic damper is a device that to reduce the resistance of movements, and then depletes the kinetic energy. Hydraulic damper is widely used in automotive and medical equipment; the feature is the resistance changes with running speed. Obviously, it can play a buffer role in connected institutions. The most important feature is that the force of the gas spring changes with velocity of movement. Significantly, when the force point of gas spring movement faster, then the resistances of the spring is increased. In other case, when the force point m...


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  • Thai car production increased 2% in January, for the first time in 20 months


    In January this year, Thailand's car production in after 20 months of falling for the first time.


    According to Thai industrial association, according to data from the FTI Thai car production in January rose 2% to 166260 vehicles, in the same period last year to 162652 vehicles. Thanks to Vietnam and other neighboring countries export oriented, driven by rising Thai new car exports rose 14% year-on-year in January to 106278 vehicl...


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  • Morocco will vigorously develop natural gas industry


    According to the Moroccan affair net reported on October 24, the minister of energy and mineral, said that the moldavian government launched a total investment of $4.6 billion in natural gas development plan, the plan will include to import 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2025, the construction of gas imports dock, pipelines, 2.4 million kw natural gas power plant, etc. The internation...



  • The development prospects of nano weapons


    Technological progress constantly, weapons development and military in the field of wave upon wave of change, the future battlefield and will be how to earth? Some assumptions, the future will outbreak of the war that can't see both sides of the combat troops on the battlefield, aircraft, tanks and artillery were whirling in the sky fly, the hornets kind of miniature unmanned aerial vehicles and hordes of ants on the ground kind of miniature robot forces that war is like magic in Lilliput war, when ordinary people unable to detect the outcome has been decided.




  • China's equipment "go out" will be releasing a new dividend to world economic recovery


     In recent years, with the adjustment of industrial structure, economic strength has increased, the Chinese are getting towards equipment manufacturing powerhouse. Data show that in 2013 the scale of Details

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