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Tapping the power head three processing methods is introduced

  Abstract: In the automation processing, drilling and tapping is important, how to choose the most suitable for their use of tapping head for customers is critical. Because the tapping head processing way and drilling is different, there are three processing methods can achieve. 



  In automated processing, drilling and tapping are important, how to choose the most suitable for their use of tapping head is critical for the customer, the following PURROS according to the three kinds of tapping head on market power head way for an inductive summary analysis. 
  Tapping head processing way and drilling is different. First to choose the correct specification of the screw type (tool), and the rotation of the spindle must match the appropriate feed, to produce screw trajectory. There are three ways to achieve this cooperation:  
1. A pair of gears, a connecting axis of rotation, a connecting feed shaft. So forward tool rotation and can be a thread. 
2. The end of the spindle links a tooth gauge. Tooth gauge in the nut, forward backward. Because a nut fixed in power head main body, does not rotate. So as the gauge rotates, it will drive the main shaft, according to the tooth grain trajectory rotate forward. 
3. Servo tapping: Don't need to use the gauge. Motor control system, spindle speed and feed speed, makes the spindle rotation forward from screw trajectory. 
  Currently, use of tapping head on the market Are generally according to the Enter Method of power head  is divided into four kinds: Guide screw tapping head, tapping head sample gauge type, gear type tapping head and Servo tapping power head. Among them, guide screw tapping head is the most simple and lowest cost, but also effect the worst, is the easiest to maintain a power head, currently on the market has been eliminated slowly. Gear type tapping head is usually assembled vertical only by tapping machine, servo tapping head effect is best, the efficiency is high, need to configure the servo motor drive. 
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