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The advantages of adjustable multiple spindle unit

 Multi-axis device first appeared in Japan, after Taiwan was introduced into China, it has a history of 20 years. Multi-axis machine widely used in machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. A typical multi-axis drilling machine + ordinary drilling machine can be a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment, can greatly improve the efficiency of production and processing of tapping or drilling.

Multi-axis machine widely used in machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. Porous parts: such as automobile, motorcycle engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, shaft, wheel hub, differential shell head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on. Porous drill within the scope of the processing, the distance between the number of the spindle, spindle, can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time.
Many different kinds of multi-axis device, according to whether it can be divided into fixed: fixed and adjustable; According to its shape can be divided into: U, T shape and type A. Adjustable multi-axis device structure of gear box with universal joint of head, easy to adjust the pitch should not be restricted by gear processing, save the time to adjust, also the limitation of little corner, suitable for closer to the circumferential distribution hole machining work, is the most easy to debug of the specifications of the operation.
Purros specializing in the production of sales of biaxial multi-axis adjustable, three axis multi-axis machine, more than four shaft axis. Build all kinds of stationary multi-axis device. Welcome calls, letter, sample, to visit our factory.
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