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The high-end intelligent manufacturing or will become the new trend of industrial transformation and upgrading

Along with the further development of new technologies, new products, in 2015 the pace of industrialization and application of artificial intelligence to promote speed will be faster, smart wear equipment, intelligent household products will be more mature, smart cars, intelligent robots and other high-end smart products is expected to become new economic growth point.


A few days ago, in the "2015 annual meeting of China's electronic information industry", based on the opportunities and challenges facing the electronic information industry, development focused on the analysis and prospects, sadie institute released "2015 top ten China's IT industry development trend" and "2015 China's integrated circuit industry ten big trends" report.


According to the forecast sadie institute, ten big trend including: IT industry development under the information consumption become the new normal and boost economic development; "The Internet" have become the fresh power to promote the industrial integration accelerator; Intelligent manufacturing has become the new trend of industrial transformation and upgrading; Technology innovation ability will become key determinants of smartphone enterprise competitiveness; Cloud computing, big data, Internet of things will achieve pragmatic development; Smart hardware has become a new luminescent spot industry innovation and development; Independent information technology products become the key industry an important guarantee for information security; Artificial intelligence application popularization and industrial development accelerated further; Ecosystem construction as IT companies build competitive core measures; Integrated circuit, intelligent hardware IT mergers and acquisitions, new energy and other fields to become investment hot spot.


In 2015 China's integrated circuit industry ten big trends include: China's IC (integrated circuit) market will continue to lead the global growth; China's IC enterprises began to step into the world's first echelon; Lead IC industry investment boom industry fund; China will be 12 inches of IC production line of global investment hot spots; 12-inch wafers will formally implement "MadeinChina"; China's integrated circuit manufacturing process will be among the international mainstream level; 4 g "Chinese core" will be a major breakthrough; Chip localization will replace process in many industry breakthrough; Intelligent terminal and automotive electronics will continue to be a main power to promote the development of China's IC market. IC industry patent competition will be increasingly fierce.

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