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The introduction and classification of the Multiple Spindle Machine


    Multiple Spindle Machine commonly known as Multiple Spindle Head, Porous Drill, Multiple Spindle Drill Machine or Multiple Spindle Machine Tool, is a new hole processing equipment. It is mounted on the drilling, tapping machine cutter head, and is more than two spindle processing drilling or tapping parts at the same time, so calls Multiple Spindle Machine. An ordinary Multiple Spindle Machine fitted with an ordinary drilling machine can pick a few and even a dozen twenty holes or thread processing.

    According to the style can be divided into: Adjustable Multiple Spindle Machine and Fixed Multiple Spindle Machine.

    According to the shape can be divided into: U-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine, T-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine and A-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine.

    U-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: using gear with universal joint consisting, to adjust the distance is not gear limited very convenient, can save adjustment time, operation fast and convenient, is the easiest specifications of the operation in adjustable.

    T-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: can do Drill Head and Tapping, light, easy to operate and does not occupy a space.

    A-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: Four Spindle Adjustable  by using elastic cullet type, so adjust the distance can be reduced, two spindles can adjust to 18 mm, applicable small distance processing.


 Multiple Spindle Machine
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