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The largest tonnage of XCMG excavator cylinder exported to Australia


Recently, Xugong hydraulic parts outside the market to develop and spread the good news, the 400 ton excavator cylinder product forthcoming expedition in Australia, supporting product host of transnational corporations after fierce battle in the mining areas of Australia. This is Xugong independent large tonnage excavator cylinder in the international market to achieve the first breakthrough. As the fist product of Xugong high-end core components, relying on its advanced performance and reliable products quality success gains high-end export orders, is bound to a strong exciting of supporting independent market nerves, highlight the charm of the core components of XCMG high-end products.

Australia as host of high-end market has caught the attention of the world, has been are demanding performance targets and strict quality requirements prohibitive for many independent brands. And Xugong hydraulic company with profound and production of hydraulic cylinder for decades and in recent years on the talent and technology, strong investment, to capture the core technology of excavator cylinder, to establish a world-class production line, equipped with the ability to complete from the small and medium-sized excavators to large tonnage excavator, and successfully opened the Australian market. It is understood, the export of 400 tons of large tonnage excavator cylinder products, especially for Australia is complex and special environmental conditions were optimized specifically, a collection of a number of independent research and development results. In the part of the design, technical staff through the realization of the simulation technology of oil cylinder buffering process dynamic simulation. At the same time, the actual load sensor to detect oil cylinder buffering effect, realize the lightweight, high strength and high reliability. In the production process, through optimize the seal system design, also piston rod body by high strength of new materials, and through special treatment to with excellent abrasion resistance, anti bump and anti - corrosion performance and meet the requirements of continuous operation. Welding the key buffer and surfacing of support, integrated, multilayer composite plating technology, also can effectively ensure their adaptation to high pressure, high speed, high temperature, high frequency vibration various harsh conditions, fully proved independent brands have large tonnage excavator supporting ability, and added a powerful lever for the core components of XCMG leveraging international market.


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