Purros specializes in manufacture and sales of Hydro Speed Regulator, Multi Spindle Heads and Self-Feeding Drill Head.
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The milling head factory direct sale

 Along with the growing complexity of the machined part,, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, axial, high speed machine tool becomes more essential conditions, power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor.

Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is located in the middle of Zhejiang province ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou coastal economic developed port city, land, sea and linkage of economic development. Purros has a strict quality management system, professional management team, their investment factory, first-class production technology and equipment.
Power head there are many kinds of products, such as milling power head, drilling power head, drilling power head, variable speed power head, tapping head, tapping the power the first class, etc. PURROS milling power head under to introduce the problems that should pay attention to in operation:
1, to clean up the milling power head operation environment. Users to clean up the oil on the ground around good machine, lest cause staff slipped and accidents. At the same time, to clean up sundry, milling power head in the work to guarantee a good working environment.
2, to control the hydraulic system. Milling power head working hydraulic system must be strict, open, and the oil must be within the prescribed scope.
3, the operator must be responsible for, can't leave work without authorization, lest produce unnecessary danger.
4, milling power head fixture must be in good condition, to ensure that in the process of work smoothly.
The purros company supply adequate, good quality, heavy contract, keep prestige, many partners over the country and established a good and stable relations of cooperation. We sincerely welcome dealers at home and abpurros to discuss cooperation.
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