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The role of precision speed regulator

  Abstract: Precision speed regulator and  hydraulic buffer, etc. belongs to a class, mainly in the automation of mechanical buffer and steady speed effect, can make the machine running at a constant speed at a certain speed, so as to ensure the accuracy of mechanical operation and security, can greatly improve the mechanical efficiency. 
  Precision speed regulator is a kind of automatic machine is commonly used in hydraulic components, usually by a pneumatic component category; the following introduce PURROS company characteristics of steady speed precision. 
Precision speed regulator is to make the product more precise and accurate, provide some endurance, have the effect of certain stable speed, can be a long time continuous and stable control, and return use spring resetting. Use completely sealed structure does not leak oil, with dust-proof effect, suitable for all kinds of special environment. Used the hydraulic oil viscosity under temperature change can also remain quite stable, so the steady speed function is strong. It has small volume, easy to install, suitable for the manipulator, automation machinery pneumatic cylinder, speed regulation drilling machine, grinding machine and cutting machine. 
  Precision speed regulator usually in the manipulator, pneumatic cylinder, speed regulation drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting machine, glasses machinery, drilling machine, woodworking machinery and lock equipment, mechanical clocks and watches and other automated machinery widely applied.  
  Tube internal use of oil, not because of the temperature difference caused by the viscosity changes, therefore, average of tube oil stability, steady speed performance good. Axis front after heat treatment hardening, piston uses spring resetting, rigidity of ontology. The advantages of steady speed performance optimization; Good leakproof function, the pipe wall and the axis of the lens processing, can reach the best effect of leak proof. 
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