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The structure and the classification characteristic of radial drilling machine


    Radial drilling machine, can also be referred to the radial drill. Radial drill is a kind of hole processing equipment, can be used for drilling, bearizing, reaming, tapping and shave face and other forms of processing. Radial drilling machine easy to operate, flexible, widely scope of application, typical, especially suitable for single piece or mass production with a hole machining of large porous part, is a common machine tool general mechanical processing workshop.

    Radial drilling machine is mainly composed of base, inside stand column, outside stand column, rocker arm, spindle box, operating platform, etc. Inside stand column fixed one end of the base, outside it cover outside stand column, outside stand column can roll inside stand column turn 360 degrees. One end of the rocker arm for sleeve, it suits outside stand column do move up and down. Due to the screw rod and outside stand column fused, and the lifting nut fixed on a rocker arm, so rocker arm is not turning around the outer column, only around the column rotation with outer column. Spindle box is a composite component, by the main drive motor, spindle driving mechanism, feed and speed change mechanism, operating mechanism of machine tool parts, etc. Spindle box installed on the radial horizontal guide rail, can by hand wheel operation, make its move in a horizontal guide rail along the radial.

    According to the machine tool clamping structure classification, rocker drilling can be divided into hydraulic radial drilling machine and mechanical radial drilling machine.

    Hydraulic radial drilling machine main features are: adopts hydraulic primary variable speed mechanism, can save auxiliary time; Spindle positive &negative turn, brake, variable speed, neutral gear, are done with the same handle to control, manipulate light; Spindle box, rocker arm, both inside and outside stand column adopt hydraulic drive diamond-shaped pieces clamping mechanism, clamping is reliable; Has a perfect safety protection device and outside column protection and automatic lubricating device.

    Mechanical radial drilling machine's main features are: double speed motor; Single handle variable speed; Interlocking grip; Mechanical and electrical dual insurance; Open power, is equipped with a stop button, can even prevent the occurrence of danger.

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