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The working principle of drilling power head

Drilling power head, is a relatively simple one variable transmission mechanism, a variety of forms, the basic principle is a motor driven gear shift mechanism, can be achieved boring, milling, drilling, and other functions, and some with the guide rail, can be small linear motion, drilling power head is fixed, can not exercise. You can complete the simple processing, general accuracy is not high. Let us say it works drilling power head.


Drill in place the limit switch X1 pressure, contact closure. Press the start button X0, MC master Y0 coil is energized instruction and self-locking, the spindle motor is started. Here with a purpose MC, MCR instruction is to ensure that only the bit to work when the spindle motor is energized Y0, another aim is to simplify the circuit (if OUTY0 Instruction Ladder complex). Meanwhile Y1 energized self-locking, the feed motor energized fast forward. When the limit switch quick hit X2, Y3 energized self-locking, work into the solenoid valve is energized drill work into.


When the work into fast hit the limit switch X3, M0 was electric self-locking, Y1, Y3 loss of power, drill stops. T0 delay of 5 seconds is energized, Y2 energized. Feed motor energized rewind. When rewind (halfway across when the limit switch X2, Y2 due to the normally closed contacts open, do not make the mistake Y3 have electricity) to its original position when you hit the limit switch X1, X1 negated the rising edge of the contact, so that the master Y0 coil power loss, the completion of a drilling process.

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