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Use drilling machine to pay attention to safety

  Abstract: In the daily work, drilling machine not only to bring many benefits to the people, and improve people's working efficiency. However, during operation, we must always pay attention to safety, so as to avoid accidents. 
  Drilling machine in the daily work brings many benefits to people, improves people's working efficiency, but must pay attention to safety when operation, so as to avoid accidents. 
  What are the precautions for drilling machine operation? 
1, according to the drilling material selects the appropriate drill or a drill mouth.  
2, according to the drilling material adjusting speed; speed too fast drill heating low-melting material will soften. Speed too slow soft material adhesion will happen. 
3, according to the drill hole depth and diameter, determine the feed rate of the drilling machine.  
4, drilling machines are high speed rotating feed; need to pay attention to safety.  
5, note that the sharpness of drill, needs regular drill grinder or replaces the drill bit. 
6, the drill shaft should be lubricated regularly. 
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