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What is the nc power head

Nc power head movement, is a collection of power head Lord feed movement and control equipment in the integration of drilling power head, in order to realize its appearance is compact, power head adopts shaft embedded cylinder structure, spindle and piston rod, piston rod is hollow. Containing imported rolling bearing, in order to improve the spindle rotation accuracy.

Nc power head as one of the important power components of combination machine tools and applications in the automotive industry, household appliances industry and motorcycle manufacturing brings great economic benefits, has been proved by the practice of many manufacturers at home and abpurros.
1, because the tool into to rotate is simultaneous, so very thin or very soft material can also be effective for processing.
2, strong adaptability, can be easily adjust the diameter of the thread processing, pitch, and stroke.
3, long stroke, accessories variety, can be easily to replace single spindle tapping head with multi-axis tapping head, can meet the needs of the user's small batch and mass production at the same time.
4, responding to the user for the high speed drilling, drilling power head, wind power base type.
5, spindle rotation by electricity, feed and control by the compressed air pressure on the performance of the price is the most excellent drilling device, according to processing conditions can choose the most suitable model from the rich models.
6, base structure of high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor adopts high performance, high power motor.
Purros production and sales of CNC power head, servo tapping head, guide tooth rod tapping machine, etc., welcome calls, letters, come kind advice.
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