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Roller burnishing tool through hole PRS-TK

  • Total amount:$ 400.00
  • Quantity: *
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 58.80/piece
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 238.80/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolUSD 259.90/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolUSD 229.90/piece
Multi Spindle HeadsUSD 468.80/piece
Multi Spindle HeadsUSD 518.80/piece
Self Feed Drill UnitsUSD 898.80/piece
Special Purpose MachinesUSD 000.00/piece


Processing Case: cylinder block, connecting rod, valve, rocker, and other through-hole rotor… 


Processing parameters:


workpiece diametermm








Reserve rolling capacitymm








rotate speed r/min








feed speed mm/rev









Using the method and processing conditions:
1 push down a graduated aluminum, rotating around the same time, adjust the tool diameter, each scale is 0.0025mm, adjustment range 0.5mm.
2 the tool clamping in drilling, turning, milling, boring and CNC lathe, machining center spindle or tool holder. Tool rotates the workpiece does not move for right rotation processing. Tools can also be fixed, rotating the workpiece machining, tool and machining center of the hole coincide.
3 must have sufficient thickness of the workpiece, generally should not exceed 15% of the aperture, if the wall is too thin, the wall thickness should be reduced prior to rolling, or to support a peripheral-type frame.
4 According to the Ministry of machine selection tool clamping shape (straight shank, Morse taper shank, BT handles,etc.).
Product performance and processing conditions:
1. Reserved amount of metal rolling surface, rolling tool can make just one coining surface roughness Ra 3.2um or so down from between 0.4-0.04.
2. Rolled products after processing can improve the surface hardness HV40 so, while fatigue strength increased by 30%, so that the product life and performance is greatly improved.
3. Roller rolling hardness HRC40 applies only within the metal processing, diamond ball rolling can be processed to HRC65.
4. Has a tuning device (only for bore and OD rolling knife), rolling in a reasonable margin, the size can be controlled within the tolerance 0.0025mm,tuning range of up to about 0.5mm.
5. To improve efficiency and reduce costs. Rolling process takes only 1/10-1/20 grinding, tool clamping in any rotation of the feed device can be used (eg: turning, milling, drilling, boring machines, CNC lathes, machining centers, etc.). Tool is simple (no training of professional and technical personnel), and long-term use, simply replace the rotating parts accessories, maintenance costs low.
6. Processing required cooling and lubrication, the working fluid with low viscosity oil. Theoretically also can be processed without lubrication, but considering the affects tool life and surface roughness of the product, it is recommended to use the working fluid. (When used in CNC machine tools refueling of cutting fluid, when used in an ordinary machine steel plus diesel oil, kerosene oil increases aluminum, 3:7 mix ratio, copper pieces available sewing machine oil 32# transformer oil)
7. Before rolling the hole wall should have a deeper marks, knife pattern should be uniform, relaxation. Preferably by lathe or boring machining methods such as cutting point in a regular shape of the surface. Obtained by processing such as drilling processing surface irregularities, after rolling, the projecting portion is not completely filling the concave portion, and thus can not get a good surface finish.