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Servo Tapping Machine STV3 PR008

  • Total amount:$ 2,880.00
  • Quantity: *
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 58.80/piece
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 238.80/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolUSD 259.90/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolUSD 229.90/piece
Multi Spindle HeadsUSD 468.80/piece
Multi Spindle HeadsUSD 518.80/piece
Self Feed Drill UnitsUSD 898.80/piece
Special Purpose MachinesUSD 000.00/piece



1. A maximum speed of 3,370 min-1 high-speed machining.

2. By high-performance servo motor, CNC system, thread 6H high edge accuracy.

3. Can be arbitrarily set the second origin, greatly improve the processing efficiency.




1. Tapping capacity table on the grid is the spiral taps and spiral point taps. The lower compartment # 2 hand cone, tapping a depth of 1.5 times the tap diameter.

2. Different pitch processing to matching the corresponding pitch gear under the premise of the processing capacity to protect, the processability any public inch pitch thread.

3. Pitch processing speed fast feed speed can be set arbitrarily.

4. Multi-Spindle Heads attachment can be installed to allow the weight level processing: 15KG, vertical downward when: 12KG.