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Biaxial multi-axis device is introduced

 Multi-axis device commonly known as porous drill, multi-axis drilling machine, multi-axis machine tools or multiple spindle head, is a new kind of hole processing equipment. A typical multi-axis drilling machine + ordinary drilling machine (including bench drill, drill, hip drilling, drilling and milling machine, etc.) can be a several and even a dozen hole or thread one-time treatment, can greatly improve the efficiency of production and processing of tapping or drilling.

Porous drill within the scope of the processing, the distance between the number of the spindle, spindle, can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. In its hydraulic machine work, can be fast forward, the labor into automatic (back) and retreat quickly, stop, compared to single shaft drill (tapping), workpiece machining precision, fast efficiency, can effectively save the investor of human, material and financial resources. Especially machine tool automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. In addition to the use of conventional products, can also according to customer special requirements for special design.
Purros specializing in the production of sales of biaxial multi-axis adjustable, three axis multi-axis machine, more than four shaft axis, build all kinds of stationary multi-axis device. Biaxial multi-axis machine is mainly used in multi-axis drilling, tapping, chamfering, spot-facing. Is one of the current domestic has emerged to improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of machine tools, the purros company can design according to customer's demand, batch production.
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Tags:  Multi-axis machine definition Biaxial multi-axis machine advantages Multi-axis machine manufacturers Multi-axis device characteristics 

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