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Fully automatic drilling machine characteristic


    Drilling machine is the use of more hard and sharp tool than the work piece, by means of rotary cutting or rotary extrusion way, in work piece leave cylindrical hole or cavity machinery and equipment general terms. Can also be called a drilling machine, perforating machine, trepanning machine, hole machine etc. By means of proceeds drill for precision part, achieve the anticipative effect. Drilling machine has semi-automatic drilling machine and fully automatic drilling machine, with the increase of human resource cost, most companies are starting to use fully automatic drilling machine. With the development of the era, automatic drilling machine drilling technology ascension, fully automatic drilling machine fairly widely used in all walks of life, because fully automatic drilling machine has the following characteristics.

    1, fully automatic baiting;

    2, use flat plate type mould, low cost, strong commonality, easy fabrication, machining efficiency is high;

    3, processing size (2 - 40 mm), can completely meet the requirement of industry product processing size, special specification can be customized;

    4, use fully automatic computer debug machine way, hole location to the number of edges is adjustable range (0-15 mm), to the base adjustable range (0-7 mm), at the same time have compensation value adjustment function, make the hole position adjustment is more accurate, more convenient;

    5, computer real-time monitoring drilling mouth protection system, material card, empty material, parameter error alarm system;

    6, one person can operate more drilling machines at the same time, improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve enterprise competitiveness;

    7, manufacturer provides a standard tube, operation more convenient.

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