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Grinding process technology


    Grinding is refers to using abrasive, grinding apparatus to remove excess material on the work piece processing method. Grinding process is one of widely used in cutting machining method. Grinding process belongs to finish machining in mechanical process, the processing quantity is few, but the precision is high, is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry.

    Grinding is the use of high-speed rotation grinding wheel etc. grinding apparatus machining work piece surface cutting machining. Grinding is used for processing various artifacts inside and outside cylindrical surface, circular conical surface and plane, and screw thread, gear and spline etc. special and complex forming surface.

    And compared with other cutting machining methods such as turning, milling, planning etc. have following characteristics. Grinding speed is fast, higher temperature, grinding process duration is very short. Grinding process can obtain high machining accuracy and small surface roughness value. Grinding can not only processing soft material, but also can processing hardened steel and other cutter can not process hard material.

    And machine tool of grinding process is called grinding machine, it is the use of grinding apparatus work piece surface for grinding. Most grinding machine use high-speed rotation grinding wheel for grinding, a few use oilstone, abrasive belt etc. other grinding apparatus and dissociate abrasive for machining, such as honing machine, super finishing machine tool, abrasive belt grinding machine, grinding miller and polishing machine, etc.

    Grinding machine can processing hardness higher material, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc; can also be processing brittle material, such as glass, granite. Grinding machine grinding high precision and surface roughness is small, can also proceed high efficiency grinding, such as heavy grinding, etc.

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