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Guide tooth type tapping head

Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production and sales of various tapping machine, servo tapping head, guide tooth stem tapping machine, tapping machine gear type. The purros to introduce the lower guide tooth type tapping head of product features:
1, high speed and precision, tapping out tooth by tooth gauge test. With special motor can run for high speed continuous loop can be durable, which can realize automation, tooth pitch type automatic tapping machine is one person can operate multiple devices at the same time, can save labor costs significantly.
2, automatic tapping machine working principle: forward - reversal - forward - reversal...Continuous loop and forward - reversal - stop one-directional button switches to a certain operation, also can install foot switch, for selective operation, continuous, one-way, circulation can be automatically. The operator's hands can leave machine, automatic work, beginners can be operating smoothly.
3, high-precision tapping stroke; easy adjustment, automatic reverse device can free adjustment tapping stroke, shallow holes and have low holes machined part also can be easy to adjust, double safety device can prevent damage of the tap, and fluctuation of spindle, cutting AD hoc double safety clutch, spindle can automatically stop, reversed return will not damage the cutting tool.
4, tooth gear with axis and spindle, according to the tooth pitch propulsion fully compatible with the vertical stability, high precision, precision special, tap tooth forward and backward without output can function properly. At the same time depends on the fine processing items, will not result in different degree thread, for thin plate and light metals, synthetic resin and other soft goods also can attack the perfect thread. At the same time can also configure multi-axis device for multi-axis synchronous processing, the production efficiency is greatly increased.
Taizhou belongs to the coastal areas of Zhejiang area, the geographical position is superior, the purros machinery co., LTD. Producing all kinds of mechanical products, the purros, the production of tapping head is simple a variable speed drive mechanism, has taken many forms, is a kind of can realize boring, milling, drilling, and other functions of the equipment.
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