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Hydraulic automatic lathe


    Hydraulic automatic lathe is a kind of hydraulic feed automatic lathe rather than ordinary cam automatic lathe, because of its control part for program control called program-controlled hydraulic automatic lathe. Hydraulic automatic lathe is a kind of high performance, high precision, high reliability, low noise, low energy feeding type automatic lathe. For copper, aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, plastic, etc material continuously repeated processing.

    Hydraulic automatic lathe is made up of spindle box, conveying mechanism, positioning oil cylinder, clamping oil cylinder, after the horizontal drag board, before vertical drag board, before horizontal drag board, etc. Besides, hydraulic automatic lathe is equipped with 2 to 6 independent tool carrier, each individual tool carrier can hold many cutters. Guide rail of the dilemma adopts oil cylinder propulsion and return, by special damping cylinder as a steady speed control. Perfect realized fast forward, fast backward and slow switching. All tool carriers have a variety of operating mode with a variety of combination plan, in a working cycle can be completed most of the turning operation. So it is especially applicable to automobile and motorcycle fitting, refrigeration fitting, plumbing valve, electronic appliance, household appliance, sanitary ware, lamp, tool, hardware, instrumentation, electrical, etc all kinds of batch processing industry, can save a lot of artificial and cost.

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