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Power head operation and maintenance method


    Power head on operation has certain risk, so when use should be careful. The following is a power head operation should pay attention to some items:

    1, check the mechanical instrument and tool etc. are in good condition, such as machine insurance screw and pin whether loose.

    2, the rolling part can not put tools, measuring tool, or other items.

    3, check the oil level whether have enough oil. If it is not enough, fill until enough appropriately.

    4, check the machine the leakage of shaft, belt, gear, pulley and so on shielding whether are in good condition or not.

    Power head is the most important part of the drill, to take effective measures of maintenance and administration, to guarantee the performance of the drilling, increase the service life, improve production efficiency. First of all to maintain the appearance of the power head to any part should be regular cleaning of iron filings; Secondly maintenance the lubrication effect of power head, often to the exposed portion of nodular cast iron seal ring in front of the right amount of oil, so the lubrication effect will be better; And then stick to regularly check whether the screw bolt fastening; Finally, maintenance electrical parts, such as regular cleaning the motor, ensure that electric installation fixed, safe and tidy.


 Power Head
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