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Punch press classification and feature


    Punch press is a set of ram-type press machine. In national production, stamping process compared with the traditional mechanical processing, can save material and energy, high production efficiency, the technical requirements for operators is not high and through a variety of mold application can be made product of machining is unable to achieved.

    Depending on the punch press machining precision, can be divided into ordinary punch press, precision punch press. Depending on the shape of the punch press, can be divided into open type punch press, tiltable punch press, half open type punch press, enclosed type punch press.

    Depending on the punch press transmission structure, can be divided into:

    Manual punch press, suitable for small hole, paper, leather and other manual processing, because it is a manual operation, so the pressure is small, the work efficiency is lowest.

    Mechanical punch press, is the most common type of punch press, it is to rely on mechanical transmission, high speed, work efficiency is high.

    Hydraulic punch press, is hydraulic transmission, the price is cheaper than mechanical punch press, but speed slower than mechanical.

    Pneumatic punch press, pneumatic transmission, its stability is not equal to hydraulic punch press.

    High-speed mechanical punch press, is mainly used for electronic product etc. continuous die blanking, such as motor stator, rotor piece and so on, it is numerical control, fast speed, work efficiency is very high.

    Punch press has high rigidity, stability high precision, operating performance is reliable, safe production automation, save time and effort, high efficiency, etc. characteristics. Therefore widely used in electronic, communication, computer, household appliance, furniture, transportation, hardware part etc. stamping and molding process.

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